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At Valopes, we lead the data-driven transition to ensure a low-carbon circular economy

We develop scalable solutions that streamline the digitization of key environmental data, providing full control of waste, water, energy, supply chain, mobility and decarbonization traceability across your enterprise. We provide advanced real-time analytics to power environmental management ecosystems for informed and effective decision making.

Join the climate action by taking control of resource management in environmental operations with Valopes!

Platform and Modules

Valopes permite a las empresas digitalizar los datos de la operación diaria que contribuyen al cambio climático de manera eficiente. Permitiendo tener transparencia sobre la gestión de la energía, agua, insumos, residuos entre otros automatizando el cálculo de la huella de carbono, hídrica y mucho más!

  • Water module
  • Supply Chain Module
  • Energy Module
  • Mobility Module
  • Waste Module
  • Decarbonization Module

Valopes Reporting

Optimize your operations and make informed decisions to drive your company's sustainability

Huella de carbono, ODS, Trazabilidad Programas de reciclaje comunitario, Comunicación de metas de reciclaje y cambio climático, huella de agua, indicadores basura cero, análisis de circularidad.

With our Reporting module, you can obtain clear and detailed information about your environmental operations in real time. Through integration with our Waste, Energy, and Water modules, you can generate predefined reports or create your own custom reports with key performance indicators.

Regulatory compliance

Structuring of information for compliance with national environmental regulations by country (RET-C, SINADER, RUA, COA).

Certification process

Calculation reports and indicators for auditing and certification processes (ISO-14064, CDP, GRI, ZeroWaste).

Traceability of strategic processes

Monitoring key performance indicators for cost-effective decarbonization and circular economy

Reputation campaigns

Event activation and carbon footprint reduction

“ Herramienta muy valiosa que nos ha permitido tener claridad sobre el metabolismo industrial de los proceso, estructurar mejor la gestión de residuos y asegurar la información para facilitar el análisis de los datos y el uso de estos para identificar oportunidades de mejora en proyectos de aprovechamiento de residuos y economía circular”

Erika Aguilar
Líder nacional de Gestión Residuos, Postobón

Consulting Services

Our goal is to help our clients advance on the decarbonization and circularity paths through efficient management of their environmental resources. Our service focuses on information digitization, report automation, and advanced analytics (digital twins). This enables managers  to support their strategic processes with operational data.

Through our exploratory intelligence, we discover and develop tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Our team of environmental experts works together with our clients to ensure a seamless transition to more efficient and sustainable environmental management.

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